Volunteering at Rumbletums

Rumbletums was founded by and run by volunteers from families and from the community until it became established enough to employ staff. We currently have seven paid members of staff and are very grateful for their high level of skill, and their commitment to supporting our trainees. We also rely on the contribution Volunteers make to the Café.

We offer opportunities for volunteering and our many committed volunteers make an invaluable contribution to the training and well-being of our trainees and other aspects of the project, whilst volunteering enables them to gain additional skills and improve their own well-being.

Volunteers work directly alongside trainees, both in the café and the kitchen, to support and encourage them. We rely on volunteers to be able to offer such high levels of supervision. Volunteers also help run our weekly Tots group as well as being part of our allotment group.

Volunteers make a direct contribution to the life of each young person at Rumbletums. Volunteers are offered a free lunch on the day they work in the café.

You do not have to have specific experience to volunteer. It is fun, humbling and hugely rewarding to share the journey our young people have has towards greater independence, confidence and maturity.

If you have some free time during the week and would like to join our team please feel free to contact us to discuss being a part of Rumbletums volunteers.

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