Rumbletots at Rumbletums
Baby Space at RumbletumsTots Mother and Toddler group.


Rumbletots mother and toddler at Rumbletums Kimberley
Rumbletums Tots mother and toddler at Rumbletums Kimberley

RumbletumsTots is a parent / carer baby and toddler group that meets at Rumbletums – in the upstairs room – every Tuesday during term time from 1pm to 3pm. It’s lots of fun and a great way to let off some toddler energy. There’s also baby spaces and mats for baby tummy time.

RumbletumsTots is free!  We provide a snack of juice, fruit and biscuits at half time and always end with a sing-a-long.  Coffee and cake can be ordered from the Café for £2.75 and is brought to you by our team of volunteers and trainees.

A baby self weigh facility is available so if you just need to drop by and check baby’s weight then please feel welcome to do so.  Come along and see us or if you’d like to know more then please use the Contact Us page.