Springbank Primary School collecting for Rumbletums

Many thanks to all at Springbank Primary School in Eastwood who are collecting crisp packets, biscuit wrappers and bread bags for Rumbletums. Pupils in the Eco warrior team have been put to work sorting and collecting and dinner staff are all playing their part to help children recycle. While I was there a young lady came from the dinner hall with todays lunchtime haul. Well done miss!  In fact I was shown 4 boxes ready to be shipped! Keep up the good work.


Recycling for Rumbletums at Springbank Primary

Pupils have been learning about Recycling and the effects of plastic in the environment. I was delighted to present a powerpoint slideshow during assembly about why and how we are collecting for Rumbletums. Pupils asked great questions at the end and showed that issues to do with waste and pollution are really well understood and very important to them. Many thanks for inviting me to Springbank!

Recycling display at Springbank Primary

Did you know you can register your school or workplace with Terracycle? Simply search for the waste stream you want to collect and, when you are ready, download a shipping label for free. Your recycling will earn points which can be donated to Rumbletums. All the information is available on the Terracycle website.  www.terracycle.co.uk


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