IMG_0056Project Manager:

Siobhán Drake is the Project Manager at Rumbletums and oversees the whole project. She began working at Rumbletums in July 2017 and had been a volunteer in the past. Siobhán has many different roles but her main role is to ensure that the café runs smoothly and the training for our young adults is well managed. Along with this, Siobhán also deals with any staff, voluntary and room enquires that you have and any other issues that may arise.

Contact her via Email: or Phone: 0115 9384953

Front of House Supervisor:

Courtney Sheldon is the Front of House Supervisor.  She has been working at Rumbletums since February 2013. Courtney ensures that the front of house section of the cafe is running smoothly and makes sure our coffee is always up to scratch!  Not only this, Courtney supports our trainees whilst they are in training to ensure that they are getting the most out of their Rumbletums experience.

Senior Training Support Worker:

Emma Salinger is our Senior Training Support Worker. Emma became a member of staff in January 2015 but prior to this she offered her time as a volunteer for 18 months. Emma offers 1:1 support to our trainees and focuses on enhancing progress and confidence each and every day. Emma works hard to see continuous improvements in our trainees working lives and makes sure that each trainee leaves with a new set of skills and abilities.

Catering Supervisor:

Ruth Brown is our Catering Supervisor and has been working at Rumbletums since December 2013. You’ll find Ruth in the kitchen making and creating top quality food that our customers love and enjoy. Ruth not only makes sure that the kitchen runs smoothly on a daily basis, but along with the rest of the staff strives to enhance the skills and abilities of our trainees in the kitchen area.


Helen Groome has been our cook at Rumbletums since April 2015 but prior to her employment at Rumbletums was a volunteer for a year. You’ll find Helen in the kitchen, just like Ruth, creating lovely food and cakes for our customers to enjoy. Helen is always there to support our trainees and offer an extra helping hand whilst they acquire kitchen skills that they can take forward, potentially into employment.