Recycling at Rumbletums

A lovely new recycling poster. Please be aware that we are only collecting crisp packets and no longer accepting biscuit wrappers. If you want to find out more about the recycling programme then visit which is where we send our collected crisp packets. So far we have collected over 70 Kilos and have raised £70. Many thanks to all who have supported us by collecting and recycling. If you collect large amount from a workplace or a school then you can register directly with Terracycle and download shipping labels for free. The minimum amount is 2 kilos.


Nuthall Methodist Safari Supper

Cheque presentation
Gail and Sandra from Nuthall Methodist church presenting Derek with a cheque for £1065.

Many thanks to the wonderful people of Nuthall Methodist for raising over £1000 through their Safari Supper. Everyone was treated to a starter at the Church before heading off to different hosts and finally regrouping at Rumbletums for their desert. The main hall was filled to capacity for an enjoyable end to the evening being served delicious deserts and coffees. Have a look here at the groaning table of goodies! Gail has been asked when is it happening again. I didn’t think anyone would have any room!


Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes donate to Rumbletums



Cheque Presentation outside Rumbletums on Wednesday 24 / 4

It was great to meet Emma Timson, Alex Nash and Andrej Kaminskyj from Baratt Homes and David Wilson Homes at Rumbletums this week. Emma explained that in a new initiative employees are asked to nominate 10 local charities for a donation and Rumbletums came out tops! We are very grateful to all who nominated us for your support. It makes a real difference to us. 

Trainees Emily and Alex were on hand to receive the cheque. Emily is getting to be very good at cheque presentations while Alex put it simply –  I’ve won! After a gruelling photo-shoot our visitors enjoyed a cup of Rumbletums coffee and hospitality. It was great to see you, come back soon!

Walkers / Terracycle collection raises funds for Rumbletums

Crisp packets ready to send to recycling company Terracycle

Crisp packet recycling has definitely arrived!  Rumbletums can earn money by sending collected crisp packets of any brand to a recycling company called Terracycle. Collectors can also send packets directly to Terracycle and earn points which they can donate to Rumbletums. Simply register an account and you will be able to download a shipping label directly.  The package can either be couriered or taken to a local shop parcel shop, details of which are also on the teracycle website. Happy Collecting!!


Springbank Primary School collecting for Rumbletums

Many thanks to all at Springbank Primary School in Eastwood who are collecting crisp packets, biscuit wrappers and bread bags for Rumbletums. Pupils in the Eco warrior team have been put to work sorting and collecting and dinner staff are all playing their part to help children recycle. While I was there a young lady came from the dinner hall with todays lunchtime haul. Well done miss!  In fact I was shown 4 boxes ready to be shipped! Keep up the good work.


Recycling for Rumbletums at Springbank Primary

Pupils have been learning about Recycling and the effects of plastic in the environment. I was delighted to present a powerpoint slideshow during assembly about why and how we are collecting for Rumbletums. Pupils asked great questions at the end and showed that issues to do with waste and pollution are really well understood and very important to them. Many thanks for inviting me to Springbank!

Recycling display at Springbank Primary

Did you know you can register your school or workplace with Terracycle? Simply search for the waste stream you want to collect and, when you are ready, download a shipping label for free. Your recycling will earn points which can be donated to Rumbletums. All the information is available on the Terracycle website.


Nowmads raise funds for Rumbletums

We were delighted to learn that NOWMADS raised £515.90 for Rumbletums at their recent production of Treasure Island. Shaking the buckets at half time for Rumbletums really brought out support for our fundraising.  Look out for the coffee cup on the window to see where we are up to now! Thanks to all at NOWMADS and to everyone supported Rumbletums.

Gillian Williams of NOWMADS presenting a cheque to Derek Gardiner, Chair of Trustee of Rumbletums. 

Training spaces available at Rumbletums

We currently have training spaces available and would be very grateful if you could share with your own networks to promote Rumbletums and the training slots we have available.

If anybody has any further questions about what Rumbletums offers, please feel free to pass on our contact details.

Our email is

or ask to speak to Courtney on  0115 9384953

As many of you know, we are currently in the process of raising funds to purchase the building by the end of May 2019. We understand the need to inform any potential new families that there may be a chance that Rumbletums will have to stop operating as a cafe and training project in the near future. However, the Trustees view this as an absolute last resort and are continuing to work hard with staff and friends of Rumbletums to ensure the continuation of the project.


We hope that you will be able to help us in our search for new trainees.

Many thanks,



Nowmads support Rumbletums

Nowmads brings Ben Crocker’s modern, family pantomime Treasure Island to the Kimberley School Theatre. Wednesday 20th February to Saturday 23rd. All tickets £10. Call 0115 919 4322 for information and tickets

Anyone who has been to a Nowmads production will tell you how great they are. Even greater, Nowmads has chosen Rumbletums as its charity partner for the next two productions!   Thanks Guys, we really appreciate it!

Nowmads support Rumbletums