Rumbletums Job Club

As part of the service we already run for our young people with learning difficulties at the end of March we are hoping to launch our new project, The Rumbletums Job Club. This is something we are very excited about and has been kindly funded by the Broxtowe Health Partnership Lifestyle Fund 2016/16 for resources such as laptops and workbooks.
During 2016 and hopefully further into the future, Rumbletums will be working alongside trainees and helping to prepare them for future employment or volunteering opportunities to coincide with the work based training that we offer. It is of importance that the trainees take the skills Rumbletums has given them and think about how they can apply them to other working organisations.
We begin out first Job Club session at the end of March and look forward to seeing our trainees gain more skills and knowledge.
We will be covering the following skills:
  •  Assessing individual trainee needs and areas for support, job preferences, skills
  • Exploring I.T. and C.V building.
  •  Completing the ‘Employability Skills Development’ Workbook which is tailored to the needs of the trainees. The workbook covers team working, customer awareness, communication, health and safety in the workplace and problem solving.
  •  Exploring job opportunities i.e. where they may be advertised, and how to search for jobs online.
  • Exploring the various ways in which to apply for jobs i.e. email, online applications, in writing.

If you would like any further information on this please contact Abbigale Faulkner @

BBC East Midlands comes to Rumbletums

On Thursday the 14th of January, Rumbletums welcomed BBC East Midlands to the cafe to do some filming on behalf of Sports Relief.

During summer 2015 Rumbletums received a grant of money from Comic Relief to help to employ two very important staff members, our Support Workers.Our Support Workers are here primarily for our young adults with learning difficulties who are embarking on their training to ensure top quality support and guidance at all times.

Please see link below for the footage:


Cafe Refurbishment

It’s important to us here at Rumbletums to ensure that the cafe is always a warm and comfortable area for our customers. Over the Christmas period our fantastic group of trustees have spent some time decorating the cafe  and redesigning the way we display our delicious cakes! 

This has been funded through various way- the cafe revenue, family, friends and customer donations.

Most recently we have been chosen to be ‘Charity of the Year’ by local Heanor based company Cullum Detuners LTD. Which from their Christmas Raffle they have raised an amazing £600 for us, which we are extremely grateful for.  Some of this money will be put towards the refurbishment as we still have our foyer area to decorate and for new ventures that Rumbletums will embark on throughout 2016. 

So a huge thank you to everybody who has contributed, even if it was just putting your pennies in our famous whale! 




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Success of Rumbletums Trainees

For many of our Trainees who make use of the project, their end goal when leaving is to continue leading full varied and enriched lives which involves striving for employment or different volunteering opportunities.

We are pleased to announce that two of our Trainees have found their calling in life! Victoria and Jenny have begun on the career ladder and we are absolutely over the moon for them both.

Jenny has begun working at Marks and Spencer’s and Victoria as a Midday Supervisor in primary school environment.

Rumbletums has given them the confidence and a strong foundation for them to take forward with them in all future career prospects. This has been teamed with the sheer determination of Jenny and Victoria and their families all leading to the perfect end result of employment!

We want to wish them the very best of luck (although i’m sure they don’t need it) in their current job roles and for the future.Congratulations__13899.1400903720.1280.1280

New Staff Member

Rumbletums is very happy to announce that we have just recruited our 6th new member of staff to join the team.

Angela has been a volunteer with us since early 2015 and will be to be supporting our trainees in the kitchen who are embarking on their training.

We are very excited to be adding a 6th member of staff thanks to funding from Comic Relief. The funding allows us to continue with the excellent progress that Rumbletums has made over the past four years and ensures that we continue to build on the strong foundations are already in place.

We want to wish Angela well in joining us to improve the lives of young people with learning difficulties.