For those who perhaps don’t know, for the last three years Rumbletums has shared an allotment which belongs to the Kimberley School and we have a good relationship with them, with both groups working on specific areas.Our work parties are usually on a Saturday morning, once a month, and we have had up to 14 people coming, typically about 7 each time. They are a mixture of trainees at Rumbletums who come with their families, as well as a group of volunteers who come specifically for the allotment sessions.
We are proud to say that we have never used any weed killer or chemicals, but this means that we are still constantly fighting the weeds!!

We had an evening session which included a cook-out and social time.

Last year amongst other things, we grew potatoes, rocket, garlic, broad beans and harvested strawberries, raspberries, tons of plums and one fig! We also grew sunflowers and some bedding plants to replenish those in the tubs outside the cafe, and the surplus were sold in the cafe.

This year we have reclaimed a larger area and are growing potatoes, garlic, lettuces, parsnips, cabbage, broccoli, runner beans, carrots and onions. We have a few tomato and courgette plants.We have already harvested rhubarb, lettuce, blackcurrants and strawberries for use in the cafe and recently replaced the plants in the tubs again.We have been able to put some paving slabs beside the blackberries so that those of us with mobility issues can more easily pick the fruit.

We were also pleased to have been able to allow Space Inclusive to use an area of the allotment as part of their Duke of Edinburgh award studies. Also Bennerley Fields School have used an area of the allotment as part of their curriculum.