Crafted Kimberley every Saturday morning

Crafted KimberleyCrafted Kimberley is an Arts & Craft club for children from 3-12 years old (2 year olds also accepted). We run the club on a Saturday in two sessions 9:45-11am & 11:15-12:30pm!
We opened the club because basically we just enjoy crafting & making a mess. We love to see children laugh and having fun! It is a relaxed and happy atmosphere to encourage all children to develop their social, coordination, communication & fine motor skills! It also encourages speech and language. We have already recognised the confidence growing in the children that come to the club! We feel like it is becoming a family and we are all getting to know one another and building lasting friendship for years to come! If you feel like your child would enjoy this positive experience and have fun please drop me a message, we’re on Facebook and Instagram plus my phone number is on the flyer! We hope to see you there! Love all the team at Crafted Kimberley!

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